1yr old male dog aggression issue ( video shared on whatsapp)

Hi. This is my regarding my friend’s 1yr old male indie. He has had resource guarding issue for which a dog behaviourist was consulted. The trainer recommended e collar use, assertive body language and correction for these issues. The dog litchi used to guard treats and his place. So if he was resting somewhere and someone entered the room and crossed him he would suddenly growl. Very unpredictable behaviour. Suddenly friendly then again growling. Post the training, he was getting better. Was fine for 2months but suddenly one day he again started showing the same issues. And now they have grown multifold. Whenever he is being put in the pen and the bottom latch is being locked he is growling like this. Last week he was given a biscuit which he wasn’t even eating. He was playing. But when someone picked up the biscuit to throw it away he ran towards the person and bit the hand very hard. Not one snap but he bit and hung on to it. Now he is barking at moving curtains also. The trainer is hell bent on correction with e collar. While they did use it 4-5times later the dog parents used to put it on his neck but never hit the shock button. Then they absolutely stopped it and used body language and leash correction. He was doing good but all of a sudden his aggression has grown manifold. He is not even letting them pick up newspaper litter after he is done tearing it apart. @⁨Sunny luthra Oh My Dog⁩ Could you please help. This pen behaviour is also strange. He has been crate trained since he was 3months old. But suddenly he is reacting like this when put in the pen.

He is tensed and the people around him are also tensed, not because of dog they are tensed but they are living a tensed life…

I want to know more about the daily activities, the amount of walk he is getting, is he neutered and does his humans have basic idea of dog psychology.

This dog is tensed and frustrated, anything moving can trigger an attack. This case is not about training the dog but fulfilling the needs of the dog…


He gets 45-60 mins of walk daily once in the morning. Plays tug twice or thrice a day for 10-15 mins. Hasn’t been neutered yet, is 13 months old.
Eats twice a day. Roams around in a two-storied house with yard. Sleeps in a pen. Stays around 15 hours in the pen, including the night sleep time of around 7-8hrs.

This is not enough for this dog, he has an athletic body and he needs a lot of outside time.

According to his age and body type he must get 1.5 hrs brisk structured walk first thing in the morning and 45 mins in the evening.

Walk should be structured.

If you are playing tug of war then include obedience in it.

Neutering is crucial in this case but should be done once the family starts fulfilling his exercise needs.

Also, they must start following all the rituals and do not communicate with him using tension or frustration.

The no sound in the video has energy of frustration and tension.

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How to include obedience in play. For e.g. tug of war. Also any way to tackle his resource guarding issue? It is getting very dangerous as he is guarding everything around him. Today he was growling when he was being leashed. Another query I had is about e collars. I feel shock collars could be really harmful for trust building between him and his handler. But the trainer is insisting on shock collar as leash correction could result in a bite.

Also, is 15hrs of closed pen time frustrating for this high energy dog?

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Like during the play, practice sit command and then play again once the dog calms down.

Right now you need to work on his frustration and tension which is because of the lack of structured exercises(structured walk) in his routine.

See you are thinking about correcting the dog but not addressing the root cause of his behaviour. The root cause of the behaviour is tension and frustration, an e collar will make him more tensed and frustrated.

Oh man, this should be reduced and the focus should be on providing a lot of exercise.

The lockdown during the covid times created so many mental issues in humans but we had tv and internet access, Imagine this guy is living in a lockdown mostly and is full of energy without any way to release it.

The focus of everyone around him is to train him but not to fulfil him.

Need to change the focus from training the dog to understanding the dog. Please ask the parents to go through our OhMyDog Parenting Model.


Thanks ! Will share your thoughts with them.

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I must say this. It is refreshing to find a behaviourist like you who puts the dog and his needs above anything else. Most trainers I met spoke about corrections without thinking about whether the dogs needs have been fulfilled.

Secondly in a world where everyone wants to make quick money and we end up not getting an advice even after paying, here you are creating a platform to help pet parents navigate the world of parenting. This platform has been truly humbling!

P.S: please please consider some sessions in Chennai :innocent: :slightly_smiling_face:


Focusing on correcting the dog is mostly a “training the dog model”, and unfortunately most of the trainers started calling themselves behaviourists by doing behaviour courses under dog trainers.

A true behaviourist will never work on the dog before fulfilling the needs of the dog, the first thing a good behaviourist will do is educate the humans on dog psychology.

Dog trainers who are calling themselves dog behaviourists know less than this community already knows about dogs.

I got angry when I got to know the amount they are charging and the value they are providing.

Thinking about money always has really ruined not just us as a species. The whole planet is suffering because the most advanced society is being driven by the economy and not by compassion, which needs to change.


So true. Everyone is running after money without giving quality output.
But you are indeed different from these people.
I am amazed at how much you love and know about dogs.
Thank you Sunny, for making us aware of dog psychology and needs.


Couldn’t agree more… This dog Litchi is a perfect example of how top trainers have zero clue of dog psychology and are calling themselves dog behaviourists. These are top trainers from Kolkata. They used intense correction on an already frustrated scared dog. Now the dog has become even more aggressive post training.

What you are doing is extremely commendable. Your insights have helped me so much to raise a calm dog. Long way to go but all your videos are so useful and practical that now we can understand what our dog is trying to communicate.


Thank you for sharing this.

We are creating a network of dog behaviourists in every city, the network will solve this problem and will help you find the right behaviourist for your dog.