3rd day after neutering surgery

Hi sunny…my male mixed breed dog of two years just got neutered…one day he sleeps fr all day…second he sleep till 4pm than he was active like he always is…today he seems happy and good bt unfortunately one incident happened we removed his collar fr a while so that he will feel okay bt he went under the table and started licking that surgery site and trying to remove bandage as well…so everyone rushes towards that table and screeming no no no no…bt he was not stopping than i was trying to recall him bt he was not responding…and everyone trying everything bt nothing works and he started growling in very harsh way…he has history of aggression and bitting …so after trying almost everything even tried racket so that he come out…we jus drop the idea and left him alone than after 10 minutes he came on his dad call fr food and he had his meal and than come to me…and we put the muzzle and after this doc came fr routine check up and gave him injection and spray…after all this he seems very scared not behaving normal and not come to anyone and even not responding to any voice or anything…jus lying down
Wanna know what should be the ideal thing to do in this situation to make him normal confident and happy…and after so much of hard work of almost 9months NW… we had gud and trustful bond I dnt want to lost that.
Plsss help me

So the screaming and worriedness created that association of fear.

Don’t worry, just don’t call and practice no touch no talk no eye contact with the dog. You need to disengage with him, do not project worriedness, and whenever something like this happens, use a leash, calmly put it on the neck, and then lead the dog out of the bed.

Never challenge a dog whenever he is under anything, they naturally will growl for distance, and it is completely natural for them.

Once he is recovered from the surgery and can go on walks, start taking him on the long structured walks and he will be alright, but for the time being, just leave him alone for some time until he calms down.

Most importantly, do not worry, parenting is a lifelong process and that process can’t be perfect, we are going to make mistakes and we are going to learn from them, and this will go on till we are alive :smiley:

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Thanks a lot sunny…this made be so relax…i was so tensed by the situation and feeling so bad for my boy…bt i think u r right he needs his own time to become normal

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