4 year female indie barking issue

Hi i have a 4 year old indie she is trained but still a lil timid she takes her own time to befriend dogs or humans… we also have a 1 year old cat with whom my dog is super friendly they play sleep on the same bed no issues there though she did take her time. The issue is when ever she at home and if she sees any cat or dog from the window or balcony she starts barking non stop untill they are out of her eyesight. She wont listen to any commands during this barking fit nor get distracted by treats or toys. Where as if we arr walking her she will bark but will quickly walk away with us quietly.

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When dogs are in that frenzy zone, they can’t hear anything, they are too focused so no treats or commands work at that time. You have to calm them down slowly level by level.

Do not give commands, shout, speak or show treats.

So, how to handle this situation?

Let’s understand the issue first:

If you observe a pack of dogs in their natural habitat, you will find three kinds of dogs in the pack:

  1. Confident Quiet Dogs
  2. Happy Go Lucky
  3. Sensitive (Timid)

Each of them has a purpose in the pack, the sensitive ones alert the pack from any danger they sense(intruders or predators), and the confident quiet dogs address the issues that sensitive dogs are alerting for, the happy go lucky dogs keep the conversation between sensitive dogs and confident dogs in harmony, otherwise, the timidness in the sensitive dog can trigger an attack on them from the confident dogs.

When the confident dogs are addressing the issue then timid dogs have to quiet down, if they don’t then confident dogs discipline them by pinning them down.

This is their natural way of dealing with sensitivity and timidness because what your dog is doing is completely natural but the way you are handling the situation is not appropriate, so we have to understand that it is not the dog who needs training but instead the humans need understanding.

Now let’s talk about how we can handle the situation:

  1. A sensitive dog should not have access to a balcony or window, whenever he/she goes to a balcony or window, you have to guide them out from there.
  2. If dogs go into a frenzy mode, then you focus on your energy, keep yourself absolutely calm, and very slowly leash the dog, remember the attack can be redirected to you if you get tensed or start doing things in a hurry.
  3. Once the dog is on leash move her away from the place calmly and once she calms down bring her again to the balcony on the leash and make sure that the last association with the balcony is of calmness. (repeat the 2nd step if the dog go again in the frenzy mode or is not calm)

Once you do this consistently the dog develops a new habit of behaving and realizes that humans handling the situation confidently(the way pack behaves) and she will calm down and this will boost her confidence as well.


Thank you for the input will definitely start practicing this

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