Advice needed - regarding training!

Hi Sunny!

Sorta overwhelmed by the dynamics at home. Need your advice , do you think we should make a trip to Pune with our dog to get him trained and us the humans trained ?


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What difficulties are you facing? You can also have an online session with @Dog_Mantra and then we can figure out the dynamics.


Hi Sunny,

Thank you for the suggestion. I have pinged him, am yet to take a video of the leash walk , which I wanna send.

Unlike other dogs I feel my Pattani isn’t looking forward to his walks. I feel I have failed him by making walk not so pleasant. I recently started trying to walk him on slip leash. He just stops and refuses to move forward. I feel horrible to drag him forward as he makes some choking kinda noise but with all that pain he still stays in the same place. I’m just mentally so exhausted at this point cos I feel I’m not helping my boy thrive. I have been training him ever since he got home…but now all the Training is Not showing a even Teeny tiny progress…i m not blaming my pup but just feeling totally clueless and helpless :frowning:

See there will be days when your dog gets completely rebellious and that is the part of them growing up, especially when they are in the adolescent stage.

You are not blaming your dog that’s good, but don’t blame yourself as well, and don’t feel guilty.

People often say that indies are low-maintenance dogs, but they don’t know that they are high on psychological side, they really push their boundaries and they expect the same from their humans as well.

A professional guidance is really going to help you, but as of now we don’t have a network in chennai, I recommend you opt for an online session with @Dog_Mantra, I will ask him to get active here on the platform as well, but you can contact him using the number i shared in the group.

And most importantly, remember that every challenge brings growth if we accept the challenge volunatrily.