Agression towards other dogs while on walks

Hi Sunny , have to firstly thanks you for what u are doing . It’s a huge help and very very grateful to have come across ur insta acc.
So it is refreshing to know how interactive you are with everyone who reaches out to you.
I am Taruna and I have a cocker spaniel Neo . We kinda rescued him when he was 50 days old …or that was the age told to us. We literally paid the boy to get the poor pup out of his home . Frankly I have always had dogs as a kid . I never knew dogs can have so many issues !! Husband is a fauji and we got him in 2019 … Neo is a very smart dog but , unfortunately Corona hi and in the chaos we moved to a new place . . Things were fine … But this cantt we moved to had strange practice of dogs being walked off leash , where he was attacked twice by dogs and over the period of one year , he has become very agressive and hyper especially going for walks . He goes ballistic as soon as he sees a dog and then gets agressive and all hell breaks loose .
So all the research I have done , my dog has anxiety . He does not let any one else groom him except me , at times I too have to put a muzzle on him while cutting his hair etc . He has not gone to a groomer in the three years he has been alive . Taking to the vet is a big job .

No one in the house can comb him . He resource guards me I guess .:see_no_evil:
I am getting off topic … My greatest concern is that he stops reacting agressively to dogs so I can take him for walks . Right now , my walks with him are fine until a new dog does not come to the block . Army cantts are huge , so still there is space to dart in one or the other alley and I some how manage to make a sudden u turn and distract him … but soon will be moving to Delhi and I will be putting up in a civillian area. Need to get him to relax in before that. Pls help !!!¡!!!

Thank you for your kind words.

Let’s discuss the issue here:

So when a dog gets attacked by other dogs then he develops a trauma if the humans around him react with panic. It is important for such dogs to get a safe social experience with other balanced dogs which many times is difficult because there are fewer trainers and behaviourists capable enough to provide such experience to the traumatized dogs.

When a dog has developed certain fear for other dogs then whenever he comes across another dog he is going to choose fight or flight, but if he is on a leash then flight is not an option for him, so he chooses to fight.

But the leash can also help us in controlling this behaviour.


See you should not use the harness in this case, because if you are using a harness or a collar whose position is at the bottom of the neck then the dog will become more aggressive every time he pulls or lunges.

  1. Use a martingale collar or a slip leash, and keep it at the top of the neck.
  2. Start the walk very calmly.
  3. Always lead the walk, and whenever your dog moves ahead of you, you move in the opposite direction.
  4. Do not pull back, whenever you pull back, your dog will feel pressure on the chest and whenever he feels pressure on the chest, he will become more aggravated.
  5. Go through Video Course: OhMyDog Parenting Model

Also think about hiring a good dog behaviourist who can help you in learning how to walk and control the dog.

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Hi , would you be able to suggest a behaviour specialist ?

In this case @Dog_Mantra can help. (Mumbai & Pune)