Anxious 22 months old German shepherd

My pet a 22 months old German Shepherd Diamond is a beautiful dog :innocent:
I have him since the time when he was 27 days old.
He has developed multiple issues over time.
Although I got him trained from one of the best trainers in pune but I don’t see any change in him.

  1. Anxious and impulsive
  2. Fear
  3. Touch sensitivity - bites when someone touches him
  4. Sound sensitivity - hides when he listens to any new loud sound
  5. Resource guarding
  6. Extreme barking in the car
  7. Going all crazy on seeing other dogs

He has also stopped going on walks in the society from last 2 months. Which I assume was after sniffing a snake.
I read your book and it was amazing. I am trying to apply all 5 points on daily basis .
But still there is a long way to go.
I have tried multiple dog trainers, behaviourists, animal communicators, dog walkers but all in vain.

Currently I am talking him for swimming 5 days a week which he seems to like.
Also trying to build his confidence as i feel he lost confidence in the family members.

Can you please suggest what and all can I do more to help him come out of this ?

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Behavioural issues in dogs cannot be corrected by training them, no matter how good a dog trainer is. The humans with whom the dog spends most of the time need an understanding of dog psychology then only you can be sure that the dog will live a balanced life.

Dogs get anxious because of pent up energy in them and if humans nurture excitement by meeting with excitement or giving affection whenever the dog gets excited.

Many dogs are born sensitive and even a small change in the environment or in the emotions of humans can trigger flight mode in them, in this mode they need a leader who can guide them, but most humans fail because of a lack of understanding of dog psychology, most humans get worried or start giving affection when they see their dogs afraid or nervous, and that escalates the issue more.

This is out of fear and lack of respect in the relationship.

Most humans make a mistake when their dogs get afraid and hide under furniture, they baby talk or give treats at that time but instead, the dog should be leashed calmly and should be kept with the handler who is emotionally confident.

This is a symptom when an insecure dog develops dominance.

Whenever you put an anxious dog in an enclosed area (car) he gets more anxious and starts releasing by barking.

This is a defence mechanism of a sensitive dog, he will bark, lunge, growl and show extreme aggression if on a leash or in a confined area, but he will fly away in an open area and avoid any type of confrontation.

We have to restart the walks by helping you learn how to provide leadership through the leash.

Thank you for reading and implementing.

That’s the right thing to do but you also have to learn how do that efficiently.

Yes, a dog behaviourist (@Dog_Mantra ) can give you a home consultation to assess the situation more clearly and can give you hands-on experience so that you can implement it with clarity.


Thank you so much for addressing every issue in detail.
I will be contacting the dog behaviourist as mentioned

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I understand flower therapy may help Diamond overcome these emotional issues to some extent. Please check

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Yes, good point. Scent therapy or essence therapy has proven many times that a pleasant smell can calm down dogs and humans as well.


Hi Vrinda
Thank you so much for your suggestion.
I’ll just read more about this and implement it As well

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Sure. I will try to find out some books for you.
I am curious to know Jayati, as to where do you take Diamond for swimming?

Saltanat dog boarding.
It’s a very good property and also as diamond is not comfortable with other dogs the way they have designed the property they have taken special care about it. The play area, pool everything is properly gated and also the kennels are very huge with fans in every kennel. Although diamond has never stayed there but in last 2 years I have had very bad experiences with boarding. Unhygienic and small kennels. Once when he returned he was injured badly. And the sad part is the owner of the property is a vet who claims himself as an animal lover . But so far with saltanat I had a good experience.

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Can you please tell me from where can I get this ?
I am unable to find it in India .
Have placed order from a website.
But customs and process is just too tedious.

Also more than the process part it is taking a lot of time .

Buy any essence oil (mostly lavender) and apply it to the collar of the dog. :slight_smile:

something like this

Flower Therapy medicines are easily available in India.

Actually speaking aroma therapy is different from Bach Flower Therapy.
This therapy works on emotional problems and pain.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

You get these medicines from a homeopathic medical store.

Yes, dogs are simple, the lavender smell can calm them down, and they don’t hold on to traumas as we humans do.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Placing order right away .

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Yes I got confused.
Thanks for clarifying

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