Anxious and scared

Hey Sunny,
This is Jyotsna, you once came to urban space phase two to visit my pet Sikandar. We had scheduled two meetings with you but couldn’t have the second one. I actually wanted to know something about my pet, it could be a great help if you can share some tips.

He was recently climbing on the bed and he hit himself on the edge and it made a loud noise. He is very scared of loud noises. He didn’t get hurt but since then he has gotten very scared to climb onto the bed. He sleeps on the floor now and shivers when we try to put him up and growls at us.

Can you suggest something we can do to make him feel better?

Hi just saw your message, so first what you can do is keep his bed on a raised platform, not raised like the bed but like half size and then keep a natural bone or peanut butter there so that he can develop positive association with raised platform again, once he is able to sleep there then we will move to the next phase.

Also don’t push him, just use food or a natural bone, leave it there and just wait for him to go there… The more you try the more deep the trauma will go.