Anxiousness in my dog and how it can be cured

My dog is very anxious
He barks on every new dog in the area, every person he has not met and maybe bite them too if he is in a park or outside the house.
What can be done in this case?

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Please let me know how many walks you provide to him(timing and duration) and have you gone through the available course or book on raising dogs?


We give three to four walks a day
One in the morning (10 mins as just to get freshen up and again for half an hour )
Second in the evening ( half an hour) and third at night. ( Probably 20 mins)

He is an indie
Age: 15 months

He was adopted by a family when he was 50 days old and then was given back to me at age of 5.5 months. The reason was same he bit their family members ( as said by them ) but that was the case of puppy biting we even saw that he was always leashed inside the house and was given only chicken as food ( the gravy pouch)

He then came to me he was okay at first never bit anyone in my family though but he barks and is afraid of several objects like plastic chair or paw cream

And one day we were taking him for his walk at night, he was coming out of the house and one guy from our neighborhood was passing he came and jumped upon him it was like ge was about to bite but i pulled otherwise he would have bit him.

He has also become an picky eater he doesn’t eat anything else than chicken as it is summer we are giving him yogurt, paneer and cucumber but he isn’t eating any of these. He just wants chicken

He will need longer walks, he is an indie and generally, indies are medium to high energy dogs.

Not receiving enough exercise can create anxiety in dogs and it can also escalate into aggression as well.

The walks which you are providing should be structured and they should be around 60mins long. You have to provide 2 long structured walks daily.

With that you, the whole family and guests must practice no touch no talk no eye contact with the dog while entering the house and should not nurture the excitement or meet with excitement.

Your dog is nervous and if he is cornered or on a leash then he can feel threatened and can attack.

He will need more outings in nature like hiking or trekking or agility courses that can help him in building his confidence.

I suggest you go through the OhMyDog Parenting Model to understand the basics of dog parenting so that you can change your behaviour with your dog so that he can feel more confident.

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Structured can you explain please?
And will give two long walks for 60 mins each for sure
Actually i got busy in something or other and couldn’t give much attention to him

He gets excited when my parents come home as they are out for long hours he would jump on them he would lick their hands face like this

And Me or my brother is out for long hours probably 7-8 hours he will do the same

Would bark on any dog or person he’ll see from inside the house who is passing from our house.

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Please go through the rituals of dogs in the OhMyDog Parenting Model.

Nurturing excitement leads to anxiety in the dog, please ask the whole family to practice no touch no talk no eye contact until dog calms down. We need to help him understand that calmness provides affection not exctiement.

This is because he is full of energy and anxious. Stop nuturing excitement, start providing exercises and if you can restrict his access from where he can see people or dogs passing that can really help a lot.

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