Bath time for dogs

My indie Pattani refuses to have bath ! :melting_face: he starts crying, tries to move and slips and protests big time. I’m not sure if he almost let out a warning growl for me. I had to give him a medicated bath today and am exhausted now :sweat_smile:

I understand that dogs hate taking bath and particularly some Indies aren’t fond of water. But is there a way we can reach some sort of compromise here ? :smiley:

He rejects food / toys during bath. Now he is sitting in a corner and sulking about the whole bath episode :eyes:

How do we handle this ?

Well, that is a common issue among indies, and the only thing we can do is do our best to keep him calm.

Here are a few points that can help you:

  1. Don’t think he is crying, he is just showing his discomfort through whining or howling.
  2. If we perceive that as crying, we will start doing everything quickly.
  3. first few baths you need to take the whole process from a training point of view.
  4. Start slow, and take your time with every step.
  5. start by pouring water on the paws, very slowly.
  6. Then on the body, if he starts whining, stop for a few seconds.
  7. Do not give eye contact the whole time and do not speak, save your energy.
  8. Little warm water can also help in calming him down.
  9. Most importantly your calmness and confidence are most important in the whole process.
  10. Take him for a walk before the bath.

You have to do this from a training point of view and not from completing the task point of view, Initially, it is going to take time but eventually, he will get into the habit to remain calm while bathing.

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Thank you so much. This time I tried to take it slow and waited and slowly did it but I think his association with bath makes him wanna run away.
I used warm water, I will try all the steps suggested by you. Thank you so much.