Do you need someone who can find a right dog behaviorist for your dog?

:exclamation: Need your help in deciding on this:

We are creating a network of dog behaviourists in every city, the network will help you find the right behaviourist for your dog.

I want to do this to counter the improper treatment of dogs by dog trainers who are calling themselves dog behaviourists.

It will take a lot of effort and according to my analysis, it will take at least a year of work to build such a network.

Just want to be sure that you really need this.

Please take part in this poll and share any trainer/behaviourist story, good or bad.

Do we need a service that can find the right behaviourist for our dogs?
  • Yes, we need that for the well-being of our dogs.
  • No, don’t invest your time in this.

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