Dog agression and behaviour

Hello… I have a st bernard and a husky. The st bernard is Millie,3years old and the husky is Akira,5 years old. Millie always bullies Akira and akira is very scared of Millie. She is scared even to sit near Millie. Millie is very possessive of me and doesnt like when Akira greets me whenever Millie sees that, she just pushes Akira down and growls at her. Millie doesnt like any dog near her when she is eating. It so happened tht today my sister was feeding them some Chicken and we are always cautious not to feed them together. So after they both ate, Millie just pounced at Akira and bit her. She has 3 bite marks which are deep enough but not as deep that needed stitches. I dont understand why she has so much aggression towards her. She also doesnt like small pups. If she finds out that they are scared then she doesnt pick up a fight but when she senses fear she does try to bully them. But she has never ever bit a dog and this is the first time. She also does this with people, when she senses fear in them she just growls and barks at them. Please help me understand thiss and fix this

We often get cases like this, and the reason in most of the cases is insecurity.

So your millie is mostly an insecure girl.

An insecure dog who doesn’t get leadership becomes territorial and start claiming things and people.

Such dogs tries to pin other dogs down because they know that they can be attacked if other dog sense their fear.

Your dog will require:

  1. Long Structured walks
  2. Leash time at home
  3. Humans who have basic understanding of dog psychology.

Please go through this small course to understand the basics of dog psychology

Ohhokay thank you, will go through the videos