Dog Boarding & Day Care - Delhi

Please share your experiences with dog boarding and daycare services in Delhi city.

This thread is NOT for listing your own boarding services but for people to share their own experiences with their favorite ones.

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@luthra.sunny an we share this bookmark link other communities for reply on post ?

Right now this community is invite-only, by the end of this month we will make this open, and then we can share the link in other WhatsApp groups or on social media. Till then I am researching boarding centres and what makes them good.

A couple of questions to filter out best from the rest:

:point_right: What food do they give and timings?
:point_right: Playtime and walk time schedule?
:point_right: Cage or Open?
:point_right: Socialisation with other dogs and is it supervised?
:point_right: Who is available full time with dogs?
:point_right: Daily updates and videos?
:point_right: Facility Tour?

So I am preparing this questionnaire and will start listing out the centres.