Dog Training Model For Trainers

Training a dog is an amazing job and it could be pretty fulfilling too but I think most trainers are failing to develop enough business through their dog training skills and the reason is most dog parents don’t know that their dog needs training and training the commands is just no enough.

People buy only the product that enhances their life and you as a trainer should understand this and come up with a package that can create transformation in dogs’ and humans’ life.

See creating a package of your services is important and the clarity of how the services are going to bring value to the clients’ life.

Let’s see what expectations humans have from their dogs and we will see if we can fulfil them, that’s how we create value, that’s why people will buy our offer because we are going to help them fulfil their expectations.

Now what are the expectations humans have for their dogs:

  1. They want a certain level of obedience from their dogs.
  2. They should be able to take dogs on walks and dogs should not pull and walk peacefully.
  3. They want to travel peacefully in the car with their dogs.
  4. They want to take their dogs to a pet-friendly restaurant and dogs should behave calmly there.
  5. Dog should not react to touching any part of the body.

We have the expectations now, so let’s create an offer that can fulfil all of this and more.

Why more?

Always deliver more. Because we are cool people, we love our job, love our clients, and we always deliver more than expected. This is important for you to understand and crucial to becoming the top 1% in your field.

Let’s come back to creating an offer of your services:

The first thing is to think about a name for your offer, something that can represent the end goal the client will receive.

How about “Rockstar Puppy Training”? I mean I am open to suggestions.

What is Rockstar puppy training: it is a training model in which a puppy learns how to behave with calmness confidence and obedience in different situations.

You as trainers are going to help the puppy learn:

  1. Obedience Fundamentals
  2. Structured walking
  3. Calm Car Rides
  4. Relaxing Restaurant Outings
  5. Touch Sensitivity

I am going to discuss every skill as a separate part so that we can go deep and you can realize the importance of these 5 skills.

Are you ready?

Obedience Fundamentals

This is the foundation of obedience in your dog and it must be performed daily for 15-20 minutes.

Obedience fundamentals consist of variations of four commands:

  1. Sit
  2. Stay
  3. Down
  4. Come

You should start training your dog with these four fundamental commands, you should allocate time and be disciplined about the training.

There should be no distraction during the training session and you should give the session utmost respect if you want your dog to learn discipline and respect.

Most trainers use a lot of excitement because they can’t create enough motivation through food, and the reason behind this is that humans keep on feeding amazing delicious tasty treats to dogs daily multiple times.

Your dog or puppy shouldn’t have a treat without working for it. They become highly unmotivated in life and start to find other stimulation in their environment and most of the time they become destructive in nature.

So, if you are giving him treats daily, please stop it, so that you don’t have to use excitement while training your puppy.

Now, what is wrong with excitement?

Most people think that excitement is happiness but excitement and happiness are two different emotions, when you give a reward to your puppy you are nurturing the state of mind the puppy is in. If you want a calm puppy then always give a reward when the puppy is calm.

There are four stages you and your puppy need to clear to become obedience fundamental champions.


  • Performing when the command is given verbally with treats as motivation.
  • Performing when the command is given verbally without treats.
  • Performing when the command is given with hand gestures only.
  • Performing outside the house at a safe place all the above three stages.

There is no hurry and you should practice all the stages at your own and your puppy’s pace, but just make sure that you practice it every day for 15-20 minutes.

Obedience fundamental commands are going to help you control your dog in a lot of different situations like:

  • If any of your guests are afraid of dogs, then you can ask your dog to sit and stay.
  • You are walking with him and stop to greet your friend then you can ask your dog to sit beside you with just your hand gestures.
  • You can take him to your friend’s place and expect him to behave and whenever he starts to get excited, you can calm him down using your hand gestures, no need to shout or yell.
  • You can take him to any restaurant and ask him to chill using the down command.
  • You are walking with your dog and want to buy something from a shop, you can ask your dog to stay outside the shop by keeping an eye on him as well initially.


  • Focus on practising 4 commands. (Sit, Stay, Down, Come)
  • Practice With Calmness.
  • Gradually level up the practice.

Calm Car Rides

Every time when Humans decide to take their dogs with them, they either project excitement or anxiety, the dog is pulling them towards the car or pulling back, and before putting the dog in the car, the dog is not calm, the dog is either excited or already anxious, this is the recipe for disaster.

You should start introducing the car from a training point of view and not from reaching a destination point of view. When we have an intention of reaching the destination and not enjoying the journey, most of the time we will feel anxiety, and that anxiety your dog can pick up.

Start taking your puppy on small rides and be calm from the beginning, take him to the calm but don’t open the gate until he is calm, you can use the obedience fundamentals command to ask him to sit, and then you can open the gate, even if you have opened the gate, the dog should not jump in right away, he should wait for you give the command to enter which you can do by guiding him using the leash.

If the puppy or dog is pacing around then you should leash him to cut down the option to move, the more he moves, the more anxious he will become.

When you do every step with calmness, the dog makes an association of calmness with the car and he starts practicing calmness during the journey.

Do this religiously if you want hassle-free car rides with your dog, this skill is definitely going to improve the quality of life of your dog and you.

If your dog is not ok with car rides, you will hesitate to take him to different places but if your dog is ok with car rides then the life of the dog will become limitless.


  • Give your puppy a car ride from a training point of view.
  • Practice calmness from the beginning and till the end of the ride.
  • Open the gate only when the puppy is calm while going in and coming out.
  • Take the puppy on a long walk before taking him on a car ride.
  • Aim for calmness.

Relaxing Restaurant Outings

There are lots of restaurants opening up nowadays that are dog friendly, and to enjoy that, our dog should also be restaurant friendly.

Restaurants provide lots of stimulation to all three senses:

  • Nose(Yummy Food)
  • Eyes(People Moving)
  • Ears(Lots of Sound)

All the stimulation can be overwhelming for a puppy or a dog, so you should start taking your puppy from a training point of view.

After seeing your puppy, lots of people will come running towards him to touch him which will make him more excited, you need to learn to say no to them and ask them to give distance politely because your puppy is under training.

No matter what, do not let them touch the puppy with excitement, you can’t expect your puppy to respect the place if the place is not ready to respect the puppy’s intimate space.

Do not feed the puppy in the restaurant, otherwise, it will be very hard for him to control himself because of so many different scents of different food, he should understand that no matter what he can’t get food here.

You don’t want your puppy to beg, which he will do if you start feeding him there and with every instance, begging will increase.

He will start nudging you and then he will start barking.

You also have to understand that there is a difference between a well-behaved dog and a well-trained dog.

If you want your puppy to become a well-behaved dog then you must control your urge to feed him when he shows his puppy eyes, control your emotions if you want your dog to learn to be calm even if there are so many activities going on.

Your puppy should not sit on a table or on a chair, because his size will change exponentially as he starts growing up, and then it will become difficult to stop him from climbing on the table or chair because of the habit we helped him develop, he should practice “Down(Obedience Fundamental)” on the floor.

You are going to practice obedience fundamentals here as well, that’s why mastery over fundamentals is necessary to have a puppy who succeeds in every situation.

Keep taking the puppy to different restaurants and keep on teaching calmness by remaining calm and confident. Soon, you will have a puppy who will understand what is expected from him whenever his humans take him to any such place.


  • Restaurants are very stimulating for a puppy.
  • Learn to say no to people who will try to touch your puppy.
  • Puppies will not respect the place if the place is not respecting their intimate space.
  • Do not feed the puppy in the restaurant.
  • Do not let him sit on a chair or table.
  • Practice down command on the floor.
  • Take the puppy to different restaurants.

Touch Sensitivity

Lots of puppies develop Touch Sensitivity while growing up.

Touch sensitivity means they start reacting whenever humans touch a certain part of the puppy’s body.

Once your dog develops this, then you are going to have a very hard time with him, he will start snapping, yelping, and doing whatever to protest against being touched.

Taking him to a vet will become a nightmare and You will think 100 times before giving affection to him which will degrade the quality of life of the puppy and the human as well.

So, How to prevent this?

It is very easy, and let me give you the secret to prevent your puppy from developing this kind of damaging sensitivity.

Every day give your puppy a massage, and during that make sure that the puppy is calm and not reacting to your touches.

If he reacts by grabbing your hand by his mouth then just be calm and say no. Make sure that you don’t shout or get fearful of his reaction.

Your calmness, quietness, and confidence is the main ingredient of this training, Make sure that you touch every part of his body with calmness, confidence, and compassion.

Your puppy will get habitual and will make an association of calmness with the human touch.

This training goes a long way because I get many cases in which dogs snap whenever humans try to touch feed or certain parts of the body just because humans failed to build trust between them and the puppy.

Give time in creating trust with your puppy who is going to live with you for 10-15 years.


  • Touch sensitivity is damaging to the relationship.
  • Give a calm massage daily.
  • Practice calmness, confidence, and compassion.

This whole offer will make your services more compelling and you will create massive value in your clients’ life.

But wait, remember of delivering more?

Learn the concept of dog psychology, and teach them, you can share my books or videos and invite them to join our pack.


@luthra.sunny wow this one is so insightful and not limited to only the professional trainers. I take my puppy to restaurants & in way to be polite to others have never considered to say no when they meet my puppy with excitement. I’m definitely going to follow each instructions to the T. Thanks again!

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Yeah, people meet with a lot of excitement :sweat_smile: but as a parent we need to say no to them because our puppy is going to learn bad habits of meeting people with excitement.

  1. I have 1 year 4 month male gsd whenever we drive with him he start barking on others who stand or pass next to the car either human , dog or cow , sometime we also frustrated by his loud voice in car.

  2. he know all basic commands sit,stand,come, down, stay bt he performs only when there is treat on my hand otherwise he walk away…

  3. the main problem i face whenever someone paas from front of my house he start bark loudly
    And he also start bark on guest he try to chase them with force…

Yeah, I know it can be very frustrating.

When we get a puppy, we make a lot of mistakes, because everything the puppy does seems cute, but they grow up pretty fast and the barks which were cute became frustrating in no time.

Before training the dog we need to understand the dog, many humans make the mistake of not understanding dog psychology.

Go through this course - OhMyDog Parenting Model

If you are from Pune or Mumbai, then we can arrange for a dog behaviourist to come to your place to assess your dog and family’s behaviour with the dog.

But I highly recommend that you go through OhMyDog Parenting Model.

M from gujarat (vadodara)

As of now I don’t have any contact there. I will try to find one.

Do you have any contacts in Chennai?

We are screening for all the cities, unfortunately, most people are following the training first model instead of psychology first.

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