Dogs misbehave only when their humans are around, why?

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If the dogs are fighting or misbehaving only in the presence of their humans or any object, then this is a case of claiming the high rewarding source.

It happens generally in dogs when humans around them allow them to enter the intimate space whenever the dogs want or favor one dog over another.

How to tackle this situation?

By generating respect and authority.

How to do that?

  1. Start taking dogs on long structured walks, this way you can earn respect from both of your dogs.
  2. Do not nurture excitement in any of them and block if any of them try to enter your intimate space for affection or food without your permission.
  3. Please go through Video Course: OhMyDog Parenting Model

Dogs will fight if they try to claim you, they will stop if you don’t let them claim you, which you can do by claiming your intimate space.



Thanks for this it does help regarding structured walks but there is specific issue regarding their fights-

  1. It doesnt happen at all but in only one situation which is when the 2 yr old male Leo gets very reactive or hyper when he sees other pet or stray except the ones he is familiar with and in this moment he runs towards my other dog Lola and attacks her and they have a fight.
    This is that specific situation where they get into fight, can you suggest a solution to this?

Ok, so when your male dog gets unstable after seeing any other dog through the window and he can’t reach them then it creates frustration in him.

When a dog develops frustration then he needs to release it otherwise it leads to aggression, he is using lola to release his frustration.

You have to stop your male dog from getting hyper or reactive, if he is getting reactive on the leash then you need to keep him on a short leash and correct him before he gets into that zone, you can also hire a dog behaviorist who can help you with the structured walk.

Many dogs get unstable when they see any dog from the balcony or window if your dog is doing the same then restrict his entry from that place or whenever he gets into that zone, leash him and help him calm down by remaining absolute calm.

I recommend you get an inhouse consultation from a behaviorist who understand dog psychology, we have seen issues like these escalates too in many dogs if not addressed properly.



Thanks this helps to understand the problem and now solution, could you refer anyone for this? we are new to city of pune and not connected to a lot of people here and desperately looking best solution for this particular issue.

Sure, @Dog_Mantra can help you in this, his name is aakash shukla, he is from thane but he takes consultations in pune as well.

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I want to take this discussion little further as i want to solve the previously mentioned behavioural issue i also want to improve the bond between my two dogs as they used to play and even share each others bed for agreeable time duration between them but it has suddenly stopped. Which happens only recently when are offleash and outdoors for short while when they play with each other as they used but then when we are back to routine its all again flat between them, can there be particular daily exercises involving both to improve their bond with each other?

Many dogs need their individual space when they start growing psychologically, they stop sharing their bed and prefer sleeping alone.

Testosterone also plays a role if they start fighting with each other, not aggressively but to claim their hierarchy.

Taking them on a structured walk together increases the bond between dogs. Any activity in which they become a team, makes them bond stronger, hiking together, trekking together, also with that you need to treat them equally, otherwise, they will generate a sense of competition.

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Hi Sunny,

we have already been having structured walks with them and it did improve leash walking alott and keeps improving with time.
The only thing which has become a serious problem here is their reactivity when they see another pet or dog, either on walks or inside home. i will make point of observation about both of their behaviour regarding this below and following will be my specific question about it-

Lola’s( moderate energy dog) reactivity to other pets & dogs-

  1. her hair stands up.
  2. growling barking along with hard pulling and standing up with her front legs in air.
  3. after some effort she does give up and attend to us but its still hard.
  4. No reactivity inside the house for dogs that are outdoors.
  5. Other dogs are more in number she is ignoring and generally minds her own space does not lunge on other dogs untill they come into her space.

Leo( hyper energy dog) reactivity to pets & other dogs-

  1. becomes stiff from a long distance as soon as locates a strange animal( chicken, dogs, rats, cats) does not listen at all in this situation.
  2. as soon as the other dog is near enough he reacts in extreme- jumping, lunging, aggressively barking, trying to attack the dog, when he is unable to due to leash he turns and catches the leash in his mouth and aggressively plays tug of war with it.
  3. inside the house if he senses another dog outdoors he aggressively runs as he is barking excessively and growling from one window to another doesn’t matter if he has access to it or not.
  4. Overall no way to calm him in this state.
  5. He is comfortable and friendly with strays mostly but this excessive reactions are mostly with other pets.
  6. He reacts negatively to big dogs specifically labs, Dobermans, older dogs. Comfortable with dogs of his size and temperament.
  7. he also stays calm when other dogs are greater in number but can suddenly charge at any one of them.
    As recently as these two were with us on leash on a trail there were two pet doberman offleash who were over friendly and got Leo got in aggressive fight, but Leo most of time did not initiate fight but other dogs kept coming at him in playful but annoying manner, i also tried to keep them at distance but the two of them were too much handle at a time as Leo was getting more and more agitated by time and eventually they fought which didnt end up wll.

So The Question:
How do we deal with this particular problem, particularly with Leo while we continue our structured walk other the other hand, we are clueless how to train or make him calm when we see or are around other pets or dogs? how do we handle the situation where he reacts as i have mentioned above?

Thanks for letting me know the issues in detail. Your dogs are showing symptoms of territorial behaviour and little insecurity, they will need correction at the perfect time and you will get a little window to give correction, so It is necessary that you hire a dog behaviourist who can come and give your hands-on training to deal with this issue because issues like these tend to become more serious and they start projecting the same behaviour towards humans and eventually towards family members.