Fasting for my dog

How do I practice fasting for my 4 yr old female GR??

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Therapeutic Intermittent Fasting For Dogs:

The following is easy to follow simplistic approach to help your dog gain health within 3-4 weeks:

STEP #1:

Where We Are?

Note down how many times you feed your dog. This is not how much but it is about the number of times your dog is being fed, any food, anything your dog eats, and at what time.

(example: Main meal, treats, small meals, from your plate, from other family members’ plate, biscuit, roti, whatever… you got my point right?)

STEP #2:

Where We Want To Be?

Our dogs should be strictly on 2 meals a day, no daily treats (if he is overweight then no treats at all until the dog reaches the optimal weight)

The window between two meals is under 6 hours not more than that. (For example: if the dog gets the first meal at 1:00 pm then the next meal should be given before or at 6 pm. This process will trigger the process of autophagy in dogs which means the dog’s body will start recycling the dead cells, microbes, fungi, and viruses into raw material for new cells, and the dog will start gaining health and optimal weight)

STEP #3:

How do we achieve this?

We want our dogs to be on 2 meals a day but right now it is possible that we are feeding them 4-5 times every day.

Here is how you bring them to two meals a day:

Take a meeting with all the members of the family and tell them your plan. All members should be on the same page.

Stop giving treats altogether.

Stop giving all meals except the main meals, no in-between meals.

If you give more than two main meals then postpone it by 15 minutes every day until you reach the state where you can combine the first and second meals.

If you give only two main meals then start shortening the time window between the meals until the difference is only 6 hours or less, you can do this by postponing meal 1 by 15 minutes and preponing meal 2 by 15 minutes every day.

Have a fixed feeding schedule.

Always pick up the bowl within 5 minutes if the dog is not interested in eating, don’t get worried, and provide a meal the next scheduled time.

Give some time to yourself in planning this so that your dog can live a happy healthy life.


Can this be done to reduce weight too?

Yes this process is effective for weight reduction as well.

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