Fear and Anxiety

Hiii… I have an American bully who is 18 months old. For months, she is getting scared on walks, like literally she doesn’t want to go on walks. The minute we are out of the house, she starts shivering. Even if we take her, she will pull to go home or sits in one place and doesn’t move. It is getting difficult day by day. What we can do to make enjoy her walks and not being this scared?

Also she is very noise sensitive. Recently she has developed fear of coming into the living room and or sitting there. She will now sit only in closed spaces where she can hide. While coming into the living room she will continuously check up to the ceiling or if we are going towards the switch. How do I help her to overcome this fear?
We are so worried for her as she is constantly afraid and being a happy dog.

You have a dog who is born sensitive.

With these dogs, it is crucial for humans to learn about dog psychology and start behaving with her accordingly.

I have a few questions:

  1. How do you behave with your dog when she gets nervous? (Do you baby talk with her or give affection)
  2. What collar do you use while walking her?
  3. When she pulls you do you run behind her?
  4. Does she gets excited or nervous whenever you or anyone come home?
  5. How she behaves during meal time?
  6. Do you follow any schedule for walks, meal and play?

Please let me know.

  1. Yes we tend to baby talk with her or give affection.
  2. We use normal collar.
  3. Yes, sometimes we do that because she pulls to the point that it can hurt her, so we run.
  4. Yes, she pretty much gets excited when anyone comes home.
  5. She is excited to eat anything. She can wait for her food, she won’t bark but drools much then.
  6. We take her on a walk in the morning and in the night. She also has schedule for food. We don’t have a schedule for play, whenever she brings a toy to us we play.

Also while taking for a walk, she atleast needs 2 person. She won’t go alone with me or my brother. We both have to go. Why is that?

As I mentioned before that your dog is sensitive and if we don’t understand their psychology then they start developing insecurity.

We need to work on her confidence and that starts with you learning about dog psychology.

I am sharing a link to a free course, please go through it so that we can begin the next step.