Feeding dog medicine especially Tablets

Hi Sunny and everyone else in the group,

I need your advice ways (tricks and tips) of feeding my dog antibiotic tablets.

I have tried Dahi and Icecream but if medicine has strong smell he wouldn’t touch those two either.

I cannot feed him by putting hand in the mouth bcz he wouldn’t let me touch his mouth.


That is a very common issue, and many people face challenges in giving medicines to their dogs.

This is what I prefer who are very sensitive to medicine smell (people can share their experiences as well)

  1. Grind the medicine into a very fine powder using a stone grinder(Sil Batta)
  2. Get a liver paste or Real liver. if using real liver then boil the water, and once the water is boiling put the liver in it, cover the utensil and turn off the gas.
  3. Divide single dose into many parts.
  4. Use the liver paste or real liver, and mix it with the medicine such that the liver is more medicine is less. (You will understand the right proportion in one or two tries)
  5. Be optimistic and positive towards the process, dogs can sense the doubt :slight_smile:

It is going to work, schedule the process such that the dog is hungry before it.

Liver Paste: https://www.amazon.in/Natural-Remedies-Natlife-Supplement-Restore/dp/B08WWYL2W4?ref_=ast_sto_dp