Impulse control and distraction

I have 1 year 6 month male gsd he has impulse and distraction problem, he distracte by sounds like if bunch of people walking on road and they laugh, talking to each other he get distracte and start barking especially on kids, usko logo ke walk se problem nhi hai sound se problem hai koi haste hue ja rha hai baat krte huee ja rha hai shoes ki noise aati hai tbhi react krta hai otherwise nhi… even mere neighbors kisi aur se bhi baat krenge apne guests se ya phone pr aur ise sound aagya tb bhi ye distract hokr bhokna start kr deta hau …i hope u get my point…

Yes, I got your point.

Your dog is getting triggered by any sound and that is making him bark. This sound sensitivity issue is mostly in dogs who are a little bit nervous and at home, people are always interacting with the dog using sound.

You need to work on his confidence level and with that, you have to ask the family to not use sound as a way of communication. (no kucchii pucchhii baby type sound)

When a puppy is born, only the nose is open then after 15 days eyes and then after 21 days ears. The natural order of figuring out the world for a dog starts from nose, then eyes and ears, but human is completely opposite and they use a lot of sound for interacting with the dog every day which makes the dog habitual of using the ear more than the nose.

The dog who uses the ear becomes alert and the dog who uses nose becomes calm.

There are 5 rituals of dogs that you have to perform properly consistently to build confidence in your dog and to help him use more of his nose so that he can calm down.

Also, your dog will require more structured walk time initially, 60mins of walk two times a day.

With that please go through this course to understand more about the dog psychology Video Course: OhMyDog Parenting Model

Which 5 rituals sir?

Please go through the course I mentioned. There you will find all about 5 rituals of dogs.

@luthra.sunny i too have this issue but my dog is very confident. He does get triggered by the sounds. Whenever some stranger is at home, he starts barking at them & they get scared. He also goes out & sees many people but doesnt react like this. People who meet him have to endure 5 minutes of sniffing till he becomes calm. If not allowed to sniff he will keep barking. Not everybody is comfortable in getting sniffed because not everyone like dogs. So don’t we have to give commands (sound) in such situations? If not, how can we control such situations?

The dog you have is a medium to high-energy dog, and he is territorial too. You need to work on the structured walk and create a safe secluded place for him at home.

You can train him to go to his place when asked for, and you can take help from your friends to come and practice no touch no eye contact, and then you can ask your dog to go to his place without sniffing them. Once you achieve this then you can practice this on guests, but always inform the guests that my dog will smell you and then he will calm down, so please practice no touch no talk no eye contact.