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Hi, this is Sunny Luthra. I never had any plans to start something like OhMyDog in my wildest dream. But life is surprising, one step led to another, and somehow OhMyDog came into existence and became what it is now.

I started learning and teaching in 2016 and started loving the idea of helping people understand dog psychology. Since then I have helped countless dogs and humans. I got so much into learning and teaching dog psychology that I left everything else(My IT career)

But as my love for dogs kept on growing, my love for coding start coming back as well. So thank you all for helping me go on this amazing adventure of becoming a self-taught dog behaviourist.

Now, I live outside Pune city on a hill with a pack of free-roaming dogs and I help dog parents using my experience of working with hundreds of dogs.

So what are you waiting for? Introduce yourself and Let’s connect :heart:


Hi, I am Vinayak, my current pack has two Indies. Millie and Tapka. Millie kyonki woh hame mil gayee aur Tapka kyonki woh hamare ghar subah subah Tapak gaya. We are growing together and learning together. Would definitely appreciate tips and guidance as and when we three are at loggerheads with each other.


:smiley: tapap gaya and milgayi story is funny

Welcome to the pack.


We have an indie called Bunny
Don’t know why we call him bunny we do
We were making our house in 2020 lockdown when he came into our lives
He use to sit whole day in our house made labour work and in evening use to come with labour to our rented place to drop keys
Later when we shifted he started coming morning evening or as per his wish
He use to literally knocks our main door even in odd hours of night like 2-3 am
But then one day an idiotic police guy came and he was blessing in disguise as he threaten us that he will kill this stray and we got our guts to adopt bunny permanently
Now we live in bunnies home :joy:

Would love to be part of community to learn and implement as much as we can be a happy family with my doggo


Wow, this is such an amazing story. Glad to have you here, welcome to the pack.

Hi I am Vrinda Gadgil.
I am used to dogs from my childhood. But never had thought about them so much in detail before.
I have two indie females named Reema and Reshma,who are real sisters, aged 6 years. And a male named Ravi aged 6 months.
Would like to learn from you and then implement that on my dogs.


Hi, welcome to the pack, you will learn a lot about dogs here.

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Hahaha, the names are very interesting.

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Hii . I am into dogs since childhood … and it’s a natural bond that i have with them and i am a feeder and rescuer and running my home based boarding to help pawrents … i am having a pug named puchu and adopted a senior dog by name of babli . She is no more but i had learnt alot of things from her… then suddenly one night one indie came to our house and slept in puchu’s bed … i had adopted her tooo . Her name is jazzy and suddenly rescued two female pugs from dustbin so i have adopted them too . There name is coco and cheeky… i have a pack of 4 dogs at my home and alot more in my society… so i wanna learn alot of things about dog psychology and would love to know other experiences tooo…


That’s amazing. Welcome to the pack.

I represent my Indie Murphy here:)
He is a cute young brat. He came into our lives an year ago
My dad who never liked dogs, is his favourite now. They have become best friends. Murphy has helped my family come out of many medical issues. He is the cure to anything in this world now.
I adopted Murphy after I started working with a stray animal welfare club. There are ao many of them on the streets who are waiting for a human friend. I hope I learn something new from each of you;)


Yeah there are lots of dogs waiting for the care of humans, we as a community going to help them.

Welcome to the Pack, Avantika & Murphy.

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Thanks Sunny

Murphy is family to us. But since he was around 7 months old, he has started being aggressive. He doesn’t let anybody, not even the family members come close to him in an area of 2 feets radius when he is sleeping. He sticks to any one family member and doesn’t let anybody close to them till he moves away from them. It is getting difficult to deal with this issue. He is also not friendly with most outsiders and dogs. We have tried our best to socialize him but nothing works. He scares us and other dogs by growling and if we don’t listen to him, he’ll bite. Is this a general behavioural issue or anything else? Your opinion on this would help.

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Warm greetings from Noel and Pride :pray:t2:

In search of understanding the dog world … Noel our elder one helped me manifest the understanding of dog world more deeper and later Pride joined the Pack !

Noel is a mix of Indiee & GR while Pride has the Pariah DNA.


Welcome to the pack buddy, let’s understand the dogs more and share our experiences with them.

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Hey just realized that you wrote home based boarding, can you share details like which place is it how do you manage and other related information.

Hi all!

My name is Ramya. Im from Chennai. Last year we fostered two lil indie pups and one of them stayed on with us :slight_smile: ! His name is Pattani :slight_smile: Pattani means green peas in tamil but it is a term of endearment too. :slight_smile: He turned one a month back. However we are planning to celebrate the day he came back home. Pattani has taught me so much in life and keeps me on my toes. :slight_smile:


Dogs teach us so much about life, sometimes subtly and sometimes by keeping us on our toes.

Welcome to the pack. :slight_smile:

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Hello! This is Puloshka from Delhi, i have 3 adopted pets, all were basically rescused from different situations. Also at present i feed around 20 stray dogs daily, this started around lockdown.Now these 20 buddies are part of my life too.
I am very happy to connect to #Ohmydog, i am definate this platfrom will help me learn new things about dogs in genetal.
Thank you,
Mr.Sunny Luthra.