Lets create a list of day care and boarding for our doggos

Dear All,

I am new indie dog friend, as i dont call Bunny my kid but rather my friend as that way we would share bond in deed as well as in need.

While being a working professional, me and my husband (Bharat) we realized we need a reliable home for our Bunny, which i am sure other must be facing similar issue. We feel this is huge gap which needs to be filled in

Can we try to collaborate and make a list of daycares/boarding for our doggo across India.

May be everyone can share the information (name, contact info, state, area, pin code) and then i can club all the information in excel and we can update it time to time as per best of our knowledge.


That’s a good idea and I think we can have a separate thread for every city.

The title can be “Dog Boarding & Day Care - Pune” and everyone can share their experiences.


Lets start this Sunny

Done - Dog Boarding & Day Care - Pune

great idea, can anyone share experiences in Bhubaneswar please

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Sure. I will start sourcing out good boarding centres in all major cities.