My dog has become more reactive post neutering


I got my 1.5yr old indie neutered 10days ago. Now he is fit and back to his old schedule. But he has become very very excited post neutering. Inspite of walking and exercising as much as before neutering , he is showing excitement at home. Sudden zoomies, increased play biting. However , he isn’t showing any aggression towards us. But on the road it’s getting impossible to walk him. He is randomly charging at passerbys, people he used to ignore before. He never ever was distracted by bikes. Now he is charging at bikes. His aggression towards dogs has also increased. As suggested by you before we were very careful not to show affection when he was nervous during recovery period. But don’t know why have things gone this wrong. We are very worried. Today he charged at a bike from the car window. In 1.5years he never did this. He travels in a car pretty frequently. Please help. We are really worried and regretting our decision. We mainly got him neutered because he was showing territorial aggression towards dogs. Has any other parent who got their pet neutered experience something similar.

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The issues you mentioned are because of the pent-up energy that he gathers after neutering. His walks got reduced because of surgery, and now he is getting frustrated because of that.

Also, testosterone levels decrease after a month or two and that calms him down as well but we need to increase the exercise we are providing initially to help him release the energy.

Follow the structured walk pattern and use a Halti or martingale collar for better control.

We have seen these issues coming up in dogs with high energy, but when we started providing them good exercise routine, they started to calm down.

Your dog is high in energy and he is frustrated because of a lack of activities, Just increase the walk duration, walk briskly with him and use a tool that can provide you better control over him.

The issues will resolve, just start following all the rituals and increase the exercise, taking him out for some trekking or in nature where he can run freely will also help.