Podcast: Learn Dog Psychology With Sunny Luthra

I heard the FM radio for the first time when I came to Pune in 2002, I think the station was radio Mirchi.

I was so impressed and intrigued by the quality of the songs and the anchoring that I started developing ideas of having my own radio show 🙈

Fast forward to 2021, we are in an era where anyone can have an online radio show(podcast), you just have to pick up the mic and start speaking.

I thought why not fulfil this desire of me hosting a radio show about something I am passionate about.

So here I am, hosting my own radio show where we learn about dog psychology through real-life examples and I share practical solutions to many behavioural issues.


Hi, Welcome to the OhMyDog Podcast.

I am your host Sunny Luthra, an entrepreneur, a software developer, and a dog behaviourist. I love dogs and I love talking about dog psychology.

So, since my childhood, I am passionate about dogs and I grew up with 10-15 dogs. I used to take care of all the dogs and observing how they behave with each other was my favourite way of spending time.

This was before the year 2002 because in 2002 I left my home town which is in Rajasthan and came to Pune to pursue computer engineering.

I worked in an IT company for a year and then started my own company, from 2009 to 2015 I made a lot of money, but I was not happy, I was not feeling fulfilled.

In 2016 I got a golden retriever puppy and from then the journey of my becoming a dog behaviourist began.

Please listen to this first episode of my podcast to learn more and if you are the person who wants to learn more about dog psychology then please follow this podcast and please visit ohmydog.rocks website for free courses and articles.

Through this medium, I want to bring my knowledge to you so that you can understand your dog.

Thanks so much and I’ll see you on the next episode! Stay Happy!


Do you know no dog is born aggressive? BUT they start developing behavioural issues once they start getting influenced by us humans. So in humans, we have two psychology, and to fulfil each other needs we must understand the basics of it.

Understanding this concept of different psychology in humans is important because then only you will take initiative to understand the psychology of dogs because the dog is a different species altogether, and most people behave with them using their own psychology and because of lack of understanding they also fail to fulfil basic needs of dogs which is the ROOT CAUSE OF MOST IF NOT ALL BEHAVIORAL ISSUES.

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First thing first, You cannot own a being.

You should bring a dog in your life with an intention of bringing in a companion, a life, and not “something” you own.

Dogs are just like kids, but you will find them way more humble and loving than most humans.

They will require your assistance lifelong, after all, they are kids who never grow up which means they will always shower you with their innocence and pure heart.

Dogs have their own needs that you have to fulfil daily, and you must understand that dogs are not for amusement, just like kids.

So if you are thinking to bring a dog into your life then you must bring the whole family on the same page, learn about the responsibilities and divide them among all the family members.

I have mentioned all the needs of dogs in the “Dog parenting model” course, it is available for you all to learn.

Please listen to this podcast which is about the very topic of owning a dog.

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Do you know that in mother nature there is no concept of separation anxiety in dogs? And yet separation anxiety in house dogs are so common.

The reason that in mother nature separation anxiety doesn’t exist is that there is no concept of getting separated from the pack, because, in the dog world, the pack is power, the pack is security, getting separated from the pack means death, so they always stay together.

BUT, the human world is different and separation is a daily job for us. We separate daily to go to different places like offices, movies, cafes.

Understanding this is important because we have to realize that leaving the dog at home alone is an unnatural act from a dog point of view, the dog will feel confused, nervous and become anxious.

When you leave the dog behind, the dog believes that he is getting separated from the pack and he needs to find a way to get out of the trap(home) so he starts howling, barking, digging the sofa so that he can tunnel out and reach to you, scratch the door to open it so that he can be together with his pack, and when you come back you find that your dog destroyed the home, you find your neighbour complaining about your dog’s howling and barking.

Please listen to this podcast about this most common issue which doesn’t even exist in mother nature.

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If we observe dogs in their natural habitat then we can learn a lot about their behaviour around the time when new pack members(puppies) are about to come.

The female dog during the pregnancy starts creating distance from other pack members, she doesn’t allow most dogs(male or female) to come near her without her permission.

She starts making her den and creates a boundary with her assertiveness and don’t let any dog come near that boundary as well, she instinctively knows that when the puppies are here, they will create a lot of curiosity in other dogs and other dogs might hurt them, so she starts creating boundaries before the puppies come.

After delivering the puppies, she doesn’t let other dogs come near them until puppies limbs are developed and they can run and hide.

This way she ensures that the pack gives respect to puppies, an accident doesn’t happen and her puppies remain safe. (Distance means respect in the animal world)

Now how can we integrate this into our world?

Please listen to the podcast.

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“My Dog jumps on my guests”

“My Dog is always hyper or excited”

“I am afraid my dog’s jumping can hurt kids”

“I want my dog to meet calmly with everyone”

“I don’t know why my dog is always hyper”

“He is always in a mood to play”

Everyone in the family used to meet with a lot of excitement with the dog, so the dog learned only this way(excitement) of living life. The most common mistake humans make while meeting their dog or any dog is they project a lot of excitement because they think excitement is happiness but excitement and happiness both are different emotions.

The most common mistake humans make while meeting their dog or any dog is they project a lot of excitement because they think excitement is happiness but excitement and happiness both are different emotions.

Collar Sensitivity

Collar sensitivity is just like touch sensitivity but in this case, a dog reacts whenever someone holds his collar.

He developed this habit of snapping and biting on the hand which is trying to hold the collar because of the way humans behaved when he did the same for the first time.

When you hold the collar of your puppy, and you let him go if he protests then the puppy learns that he can get away from the hold whenever he protests.

Do not let him go!

Every instance of letting him go on his protest whenever you hold his collar is going to increase the intensity of his protest.

He will pull, use his paw, bark, yelp, or try to grab your hand as well. If he is a puppy then don’t let him go whenever he is in this protest state.

Only allow him to go when he is calm.

Practice this daily with your puppy, hold his collar, ask him to sit with you, and let him go after a period of time when he is calm.

This way you are going to teach him that calmness helps him to earn freedom.

This is a simple exercise with lots of applications.

You can calm him down by holding his collar whenever he gets into a state which is not expected.


Practice holding the collar daily and asking him to sit.
Do not let go if the dog is protesting.
Be calm and confident and quiet as well.

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As a dog parent, your most important job is to help your dog get socialized, but most people think that socializing means your dog is playing with other dogs.

No that is not the meaning of socializing.

A well-socialized dog knows how to behave calmly whenever we asked him or her to be in any given scenario.

Today’s podcast is about this only in which I discuss the what is meaning of socializing, why it is important and how you can get your dog socialized.

Aggression is one of the most misunderstood behaviours in dogs because it is not an issue in the first place.

Most dog behaviourists or dog trainers or dog parents make a mistake by treating aggression as an issue but actually, aggression is a symptom of an underlying issue.

If you’re like most dog parents, you want to understand your dog as best as possible. And what better way to do that than to learn about dog psychology? So if you’re curious about how to build a stronger, more trusting relationship with dogs, read on! You may be surprised by what you learn.

If we consider the human species, our species, then we will basically find two kinds of psychology:

  1. Male Psychology
  2. Female Psychology

People see the world differently based on their gender. Often, men don’t understand women and women don’t understand men. This is because both genders have different psychology, and to fulfil each other needs we must understand the basics of it.

Understanding this concept of different psychology in people is critical since it allows you to take action and learn about the psychology of dogs because dogs are a different species.

Let me give you an example of the difference between the way humans behave with a nervous insecure dog and how dogs behave with such dogs:

Dogs generally give distance to such dogs and in mother nature, you will hardly see any such cases.

On the other hand, humans are completely different, most humans nurture insecurity in their dogs by not giving distance and worse by giving affection when the dog is nervous or insecure.

The reason most human nurture insecurity is lack of knowledge of dog psychology and lack of control over our own emotions because it is very hard to see our dog suffer.

Whenever a dog receives affection, his or her state of mind get nurtured. So if you are giving affection when the dog is under stress then you are nurturing his stressed state of mind. This is one of the differences between human psychology and dog psychology.

Now multiply this nurturing of the wrong state of mind, nurturing a fearful state of mind, every day, then over a period of time, the dog will get habitual of living in a fear state of mind always, which leads to a very unhappy life, a sad life just because of the lack of understanding of humans.

Dogs are part of the animal kingdom and in order to understand your dog’s state of mind, you first need to learn about how animals communicate.

Animals communicate with each other via their body language and their energy, that’s how they understand who is prey and who is the predator.

Interpreting your dog’s state of mind is important because every interaction you have at that time will be associated with that state of mind.

If your dog is not projecting calmness and confidence then he or she requires your guidance and not affection at that time.

When any dog gets under stress, he requires his pack to project calmness and confidence to become balanced again.

If you are feeling nervous, sad or giving affection to your dog when he/she is stressed, then you are actually making things worse for your dog. Dogs take feedback from their environment, so it is important to act with calmness and confidence around them.

Give affection and attention only when the dog is projecting calmness and confidence.

Dogs are social animals and in the wild, they live in packs. In order to have a balanced dog, you need to provide him with the same structure that he would find in the wild.

Here are the 5 rituals to create structure in your dog’s life:

  1. Walk Ritual
  2. Discipline Ritual
  3. Socializing Ritual
  4. Feeding Ritual
  5. Play Ritual
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This is essentially what I did with every dog I worked with.

I am going to share three steps with you to help your dog become more confident.

Let’s understand Indies.

Indies are like other dogs only, they are part of the animal kingdom.

All dogs are animals first, then they are species and then they are breed. Not fulfilling the need of the dogs create behavioural issues.

Please don’t take my words otherwise, I love dogs and like you, I also want the best for them and the best for humans too.

Hate creates hate, let’s work on finding a solution rather than blaming each other so that we all can live in harmony, and peace and leave this world a little better than we found it.

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