Reactivity towards other male dogs

Hello Sunny,

We have a 1.5yr male golden retriever. We have socialized him since puppyhood and he has always been friendly but off lately he has become reactive around other male dogs. We don’t know what’s changed. Maybe it’s a age thing. But this has made our walks difficult as well.

Please let us know if we can book a session with you. We live in Pune.



During this phase of dogs, they experience a surge of testosterone which escalates territorial behaviour in them, and their instincts ask them to address other male dogs, if during this they feel tension on the leash or we don’t start the walk in control then they might lunge towards other dogs and may become aggressive.

You can start taking your dog on a structured walk, do not use a harness while walking and do think about neutering him.

I am not taking any new consultations, but @Dog_Mantra and @PowerOfEnergy are taking cases in pune, and they both are good.