Recurring Ear infection!

One of pet parent requested for help as below :point_down:

My doggy is1.5 years old indie…He has been getting recurring ear infections since last 4 months…It seems to get ok with medication…but as soon as the prescribed treatment is over the infection reoccurs.
Doctor says that the final treatment is surgery of the ear canal…which seems terrifying.
Dont know how to deal with it.
Has anyone faced this issue?
Pl help.


Need more details on the dog’s diet and how frequently he gets a bath?

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Check out green tactics ear cleaner on Instagram. They use bio enzymes. But it is important to check the diet and see if it is indicating food or some allergens in the environment.

Could you please share the diet details and cleaners which you use at home? What does the bath ritual look like?


Ronnie’s Culture Test Report

Also below are the details for reference:

:point_right: Food :
Morning - Paneer/Egg with Bhakri
Evening - Mutton with Bhakri
:point_right: Bath - Once a month
:point_right: Floor Cleaner - Organic by Modi care

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Paneer can create allergies in dogs, and what about treats?

This is not the full diet, they must be giving some carbs rich low grade treats as well…


He is not on treats because of the issue for last few months now except the dog biscuits which he himself refuse to eat :blush:

Yeah man these biscuits and treats create chronic stress inside their body and symptoms of damage come later.

I suggest just sticking to one type of meat, removing paneer from the diet and also seeing if the dog is anxious. Anxiety also leads to skin issues, both in dogs and humans as well.


Update :
Ronnie visited a different vet for second opinion and was advised that it’s not a bacterial infection instead it’s a yeast infection!

While the food management has been advised to exclude grains and change in protein.

Medication started accordingly from today.

Thought to share the update for our insight :pray:t2:


Thanks for sharing this…