Strange Behaviour?

My 8.5 months old male dog licks/drinks his own pee every time. Is it normal?

Dogs do lick their urine to get more information about the hormones. But it happens rarely not every time.

See if you are giving meals or treats that are rich in sugar or carbohydrates, that can create anxiety in them and they can lick the urine to calm themselves down.

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Wow, that’s good to know.
Thank you.
I give him rice, but rarely any sweet things.
Should I cut down his rice?
Because of rains, he is not going for walks. His activity has become minimal.

Yes cut down the diet, lack of activities and more carbs can create anxiety.

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Will do, Thank you Sunny.
Because of rains, i have decided not to give chicken. Is it alright?
I am giving all my three of them rice and eggs or daal or chapaati for the moment.
Does this looks ok?

Chicken is better Instead of chapati, daal, or rice, all these have a lot of carbs, and carbs give a boost of energy that dogs have to release, they will get more restless if we give more carbs to them.

Chicken is more protein and fat, and has very less carbs.

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I understand, but is it ok to give chicken during this rainy season?

Yes, just get it fresh.

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