Structured Walk with slip lead and halter

When I walk my dog with slip lead, he keeps pressure from his side on it. Not that he is pulling crazy but there is always a tension and he wouldn’t hesitate to pull suddenly on the side of road if he finds something edible or he wants to pee. However when I use halter he walks on loose leash most of the time, does that mean we will always hv to use halter? Also I feel he has started putting pressure on it too sometimes. Where are we going wrong?

There is nothing wrong with using the halter, some dogs looser their focus from one thing to another very quickly and by using a halter we can bring the focus back to the walk easily, your dog is mostly sight oriented so we need to keep his focus straight, if he turns his head towards anything other than straight, use the halter to bring it back.

One mistake people do while walking their dogs is that they walk slowly from a dog’s perspective. A Dog’s natural speed of walking is 1.5/2 times the human’s natural speed of walking.

So increasing the speed of your walk will help your dog to focus on the walk only.