The Mistakes New Puppy Parents make

There are many mistakes that create a foundation for serious behavioural issues and because of lack of knowledge, many dog parents make these mistakes and then both the dog and the human family suffer.

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We all want our dogs to live a happy life without any behavioural issues but dogs are developing so many behavioural issues and the reason is our lack of understanding because no dog is born aggressive, you will not find behavioural issues in puppies but as they start getting influenced by the behaviour of humans they start developing behavioural issues.

So what are the common mistakes most people are doing with their dogs?

  • Believing excitement is happiness.
  • Not providing structure in the walk.
  • Believing rules and boundaries are cruel.
  • Believing affection is the cure for nervousness.
  • Keeping the puppy behind 4 walls most of the time.
  • Always meeting with excitement.
  • Allowing guests to meet with excitement with the puppy.
  • Forcing the puppy to meet other dogs or humans.
  • Picking up the puppy whenever he/she gets nervous.
  • Feeding by hand always.
  • Not creating a schedule for feeding/walking/playing.
  • Always keeping the puppy with themselves.
  • Not working on creating a safe environment to socialize the puppy.
  • Not providing enough exercise, and believing running without structure or playing is equivalent to exercise.

All of these mistakes have a great impact on dog’s behavior that prepares him to develop serious issues later.