Took Time off from everything to work on these thing

Took time off from My IT work and from OhMyDog Instagram as well to work on my place (which needs maintenance and new construction for the monsoon season)

With that I will be working on creating educational content for you all, here are the projects I am working on this week:

  • Separation Anxiety Rehabilitation & Prevention Blueprint Booklet - DONE
  • Record OMD Parenting Model 2.0 - in progress
  • List out 10 dog psychology topics - in progress
  • Prepare 3 podcasts - in progress
  • Prepare a presentation on one of the dog psychology topics. - in progress

I think these projects are doable and I will keep this thread updated.

Tomorrow I will try to record 3 videos for OMD Parenting model 2.0, there will 6-8 videos in the course.



So I started working on OMD Parenting Model 2.0 and this is the curriculum:

Course Name: Balanced Dogs Blueprint
Format: 3 Days online on-demand course


Day #1

  1. Launch Orientation Video
  2. How The Balanced Dogs Blueprint Really Works
  3. How To Set Your Dog For Success
  4. Get Your “Success Dog Template”

Day #2

  1. The Mindset Shift (From Training The Dog To Understanding The Dog)
  2. How Dog’s Mind Works
  3. How To Fulfill Them
  4. How To Define Your Expectations.

Day #3

  1. How Dogs Help Us Grow
  2. Transformation Tools For You
  3. Success Stories
  4. Conclusion

I am super excited about this project because I know this is going to bring so much value in the life of dogs and their humans.


Awesome .Thankyou :pray:t2:

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Podcast topics:

  1. Shifting to a new home can make your dog unstable.
  2. Food Aggression Prevention
  3. A simple play technique to help you control the impulse of the dog and make your dog more obedient towards you.

These will be uploaded in the upcoming week, I have started the recording.

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10 dog psychology topics

  1. What is dog psychology?
  2. Meaning of pack.
  3. Becoming a pack leader.
  4. Calm Assertive Energy.
  5. Claiming Your Space.
  6. Identifying the instabilities.
  7. Choosing a dog or a puppy.
  8. Introducing a new dog to our house.
  9. How to earn the trust of a nervous dog.
  10. Mastering the walk.

More concepts that I want to speak about.

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The first presentation will be on “Projecting Calm Assertive Energy”, this is a must for every one who wants to communicate with dogs and earn respects from them.

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