Video Course: OhMyDog Behavior Model

For getting the best out of this course, you must finish the OhMyDog Parenting Model if you haven’t.

In this course you are going to learn what routine you should help the dog follow to fulfil him, you will learn different issues of dogs and how to identify them.

No dog is born AGGRESSIVE but they start developing behavioural issues once they start getting influenced by us humans just because we lack understanding.

I’m Sunny Luthra, I am a Dog Parenting Coach and I have helped hundreds of humans in raising calm confident obedient dogs through my framework OhMyDog Parenting Model & OhMyDog Behavior Model.

It took me 4 years, feedback from 100s of consultations, 80+ socializing sessions, and countless hours of studying dogs to develop this model.

This course will talk about the following topics.

  1. :dog2: ROUTINE OF DOGS BLUEPRINT: How a successful day should look like from your dog’s point of view?

  2. :no_good_man:t2: ISSUES IN DOGS: How you can identify behavioural issues and help your dog to become balanced again?

  3. :ballot_box_with_check: DOG ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST: How to analyze the behaviour of your dog and prevent any instability from escalating?

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Lesson: The perfect routine for your dog

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Lesson: Understanding Issues

Lesson: How to make an assessment of your dog or any dog?