Video Course: OhMyDog Parenting Model

No dog is born AGGRESSIVE but they start developing behavioral issues once they start getting influenced by us humans just because we lack understanding.

I’m Sunny Luthra, I am a Dog Parenting Coach and I have helped hundreds of humans in raising calm confident obedient dogs through my framework OhMyDog Parenting Model.

It took me 4 years, feedback from 100s of consultations, 80+ socializing sessions, and countless hours of studying dogs to develop this model.

OhMyDog Parenting Model, step by step, will take you on a journey of understanding the dogs, how to fulfil their needs and how to provide leadership by becoming an emotionally strong person.


It’s the understanding of how dog’s mind works, what are their needs and how to fulfil them.

The big idea here is if you want a deep relationship with your dog then your relationship with him or her depends on the quality of communication, and quality of communication depends on the quality of understanding.

Understanding of what???

Understanding of dog psychology, how to fulfil their needs and how to provide leadership by becoming an emotionally strong person.

I am adding all the videos one bye one, use reply to ask any question.

This was a paid course that we made open to everyone for the love of dogs.


Lesson: Welcome to the first video which is about Why it’s Important to become a dog behaviourist for your own dog?


Lesson: A Simple task to improve your relationship with your dog!


Lesson: What is your definition of The Perfect Dog?


Lesson: The MINDSET you require to become a dog behaviourist of your own DOG!

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Lesson: How rituals of dogs helped in calming down these three dogs?

Lesson: How the journey of becoming a dog behaviourist of your own dog is going to transform you?


Lesson: Conclusion

Hey, when we talk of 4 levels of energy, are we saying that smaller breeds are lower energy dogs?
Or even in smaller breeds there can be high & hyper energy dogs?

Every breed can have 4 levels of energy, it’s just that you will find high and hyper in working-class breeds.

Most smaller breeds are bred for companionship but when human fails to fulfil the needs of the exercise in smaller ones they get hyper, most humans believe that small breeds do not require long walks but that’s not true.

One more thing is that most humans meet with smaller dogs with a lot of excitement and that also creates hyperactivity in the dog, but that doesn’t mean that dog is a high energy dog.

So to figure out the energy, first we need to fulfil the need for exercise and then only we can see the real nature of the dog.

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Got it, thanks… I have a 5 month Shih Tzu and we take him for walks twice a day. The duration of each walk is 15-20 mins and then we play games like fetch. But after listening to your vlogs and reading your book, i don’t think it’s enough as he is still high on energy and excitement. We will increase his walk duration and see if there is any change in his energy levels.
Thanks again!

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Hi Sunny, can you please mark/number the videos?
This is the first video, but just below this is the third one. Where would i find the second one?

Hi Sunny, After this first video, the next one showing is the third video. How can i find the second one?
I could not find your videos on you tube.
Can you please help me with that as well?
Thank you.

yeah two videos are missing in this, and overall I am not happy with the quality, So I just ordered a new camera and will be re-recording the whole course again this weekend.