What did I miss?

I got bitten by dog for the first time today. I’m wondering what went wrong. I gave him his Kong. Usually after I give him his Kong , he licks it once and starts staring at me. I have tried to decode this signal but I have mostly not understood. Initial I thought he wants to eat in peace and hence after giving him his Kong I move away to a different room. Today I gave him his Kong and he licked it once and came to me. I petted him and walked away. He left the kong and followed me . Then lay on the ground and showed his belly which is usually a sign of him wanting to be pet. Which I did. The whole time he kept looking at me and didn’t want to leave my side although I asked him to go and eat. I found a tick on his body, it had not latched on , so I removed it and wanted to check his paws. I hardly touched his paw and got a bite on the back of my palm. I usually clean his paws everyday. What did I do wrong today?

Looking back I think I missed a few signals

  1. kept staring at me , it is probably a hard unsure stare
  2. he did seem a lil confused


  1. called him to his place.
  2. gave the Kong. He licked and placed it back.
  3. I was not anywhere close to his food.
  4. I left his place and went when he followed me and lay down. I was petting him. Just as I was about to leave , I barely touched his paw.

Did I miss his warning hard stare?

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I hope you are ok, and that the bite is not deep.

The image that you shared is part of the problem, sometimes we keep on overanalyzing the situation and forget to live in the moment when required.

Dogs are instinctual beings, so if you have to connect with them then analyzing will make you lose the moment of connection, you have to feel what your dog is feeling.

Sometimes when we see a tick on our dog’s body, we get worried and start moving very quickly, we get too focused on the tick that we forget the comfort and temperament of our dog.

The bite happened because the relationship is still in the earning respect phase, and you might have moved or touched quickly and with tension.

Dogs only love humans, but they only respect and trust a calm assertive source of energy. Earning respect from your dog is life long and everyday process but this process will change your life for good, it helps you grow internally because you are getting aware of your emotions, of your anxiety.

Acknowledging that it’s us who need better understanding is the right approach.

Always be slow and calm with your dog, no matter what, he doesn’t like anxiety, tension and fast movements towards him.