What it takes to raise a well-behaved balanced dog?

After working with hundreds of dogs and after investing thousands of hours in observing dogs I came up with a framework to raise a well-behaved balanced dog.

I started teaching this framework to many dog parents and got amazing results.

Everyone who followed this saw improvement in their dog and in them also, so I want to share the framework with you.

Since my childhood I am fascinated by dogs, I spent many hours just observing them, and I enjoyed that more than spending time with my friends or playing.

It started as curiosity and then it became an obsession for me to understand this magnificent species.

I started watching the dog psychology show(Dog whisperer by Cesar Millan) and learnt a great deal about dogs, I was able to connect the dots in the observations I had of dogs.

In 2016 I started conducting socializing sessions, one of its kind, in that I used to host 30-40 off-leash dogs and my job was to keep the environment in a calm state and I was very successful in that.

Just by seeing the behaviour of the dog, I could reverse engineer the way his/her humans are raising him/her, I was able to figure out the mistakes humans are doing without asking any questions.

I kept on telling myself that if humans have a guideline or a structure for raising dogs so that no dog will get unbalanced or develop behavioural issues then it would be great.

And that’s how I came up with the idea of creating a framework.

At first, I used to deliver the complete framework in one go, I remember during my initial days of taking consultation, a girl called me for her timid dog and I delivered the whole framework in one single consultation and that poor girl(@PowerOfEnergy ) got a migraine attack. :smiley:

So I thought this is not a good idea and I must divide the whole thing is small parts so that it is easy to understand and implement. Before I divide the framework, first let me tell you who can use this and what results can you expect.

This framework is for:

  1. Dog Trainers
  2. Dog Behaviorists
  3. Dog Parents

Dog trainers and dog behaviourists can use this framework and make packages for their clients, they can teach the whole thing step by step so that their clients can raise a well behaved balanced dog.

Dog parents can also use this framework to build a deep bond with their dogs and to fulfil their dog’s needs.

Result Disclaimer:
Your dog will become more calm and confident, and you will feel a sense of deep connection, the only thing is that you have to be consistent with the program.

The whole framework is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Understanding Dog Psychology
  2. Rituals of Dogs
  3. Rockstar Puppy Training

Understanding Dog Psychology:

So, everyone wants to have a deep relationship with their dogs and to have that you have to understand that the quality of a relationship depends on the quality of communication and the quality of communication depends on the quality of understanding.

Dogs are not humans, and even in humans we have two types of psychology, male psychology and female psychology, dogs are altogether a different species, so it is very crucial to understand their psychology.

If you are a dog trainer or a dog behaviourist, you must add this topic to your training.

Dog parents must invest resources to understand their most beloved companion’s psychology to have an amazing bond.

I am adding some of the resources that can help you understand dog psychology.

Now let’s talk about the second important part, and that is the rituals of dogs.

Rituals of dogs:

See, Dogs are social animals and in the wild, they live in packs. In order to have a balanced dog, you need to provide him with the same structure that he would find in the wild.

So, I came up with these rituals to give a structure to people that they can follow and in the process, the needs of the dog can be fulfilled.

Here are the 5 rituals to create structure in your dog’s life:

  1. Walk Ritual
  2. Discipline Ritual
  3. Socializing Ritual
  4. Feeding Ritual
  5. Play Ritual

The Walk Ritual is probably one of the most important ones because it’s where your dog gets to explore and release energy. A good 30-60 minute structured walk two times a day is necessary for your dog’s physical and mental health.

By structured walk I mean when the dog is walking beside you or behind you.

During the Discipline Ritual, you are teaching your dog right from wrong. This is an important part of their education and must be done with patience and consistency. Shouting or releasing frustration is not the dog’s way, they discipline by remaining calm and assertive.

In the wild, dogs who break the rules of the pack are disciplined by the dominant balanced dogs. This is important because it keeps the pack safe and ensures that everyone knows their place within it.

As the leader of your dog’s pack, it is your job to provide this discipline when necessary by remaining calm, confident and consistent.

The Socializing Ritual is essential for dogs because it helps them develop social skills that they will need throughout their life. It’s also a great way for them to meet new people and animals.

The Feeding Ritual is another important one because it establishes rules and structure around mealtimes. By providing regular meal times and following a set routine, you are teaching your dog that there is predictability in his life which he needs for comfort.

Last but not least, the Play Ritual is essential for dogs because it helps them release energy and have some fun! Playing with your dog can be as simple as throwing a ball or playing tug of war with obedience.

Check out this video for more information on rituals of dogs:

As a dog trainer or behaviourist you can give practical experience of all the rituals and can take multiple sessions to help humans achieve certain mastery over all the rituals.

And with that now let’s move to the last part and that is:

Rockstar Puppy Training:

it is a training model in which a puppy learns how to behave with calmness confidence and obedience in different situations.

You as trainers are going to help the puppy learn:

  1. Obedience Fundamentals
  2. Structured walking
  3. Calm Car Rides
  4. Relaxing Restaurant Outings
  5. Touch Sensitivity

I have written about the whole training in the following article and with that, I am attaching one more thread and in that, you can watch me explain the whole concept

That’s it. Use this framework, this is powerful stuff and has proven success records.

I hope this proves useful to you and in your career as well, whatever questions you have regarding anything, I am here to help. Just reply or create a new topic if you want to ask anything.


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thank you, raising dogs is not complex but it is consistent work in the right direction. :slight_smile: